Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday's tip

I have never been very talented when it comes to shopping with coupons. I know and understand the idea of stocking up when things are on sale, ( although the idea of hoarding kind of scares me...  I do have a few packrat tendencies) and doubling up coupons with sales, but somehow it just wasn't very profitable for me before. Things have changed. Today I made out my grocery list and checked the sale paper and for some unknown reason, decided I would check out the coupon site. I ended up at Southern Savers and started reading and printing out coupons. I actually used 90 % of those I printed and when all was said and done, I  had shaved $68.00 from my grocery bill by using the coupons and buying what was on sale or a store brand when it was possible. I was almost doing the happy dance right there in the check out line. ( not really the best mental image right?) However, if you don't actively use coupons, or plan your lists according to the sale, check the sight out anyway. You just may get motivated.
I am thinking $ 68. would buy some new flush cutters and round tip pliers, not to mention some wire and beads and all kinds of " toys" to use in my studio.

Happy Savings.


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