Monday, May 24, 2010

Look What I found!

Hey, while I was procrastinating this morning delaying things that really need to be done outside, I thought I would check into my favorite artist's shops and take a look around to see what is new.
I found some of the cutest fun things.
Check this out. These little garden buddies by Campbell Jane are just so adorable. They make me giggle when I look at them. I think I need 1 of each.

Then I looked around a little more and found these hanging fairy houses! What fun! who couldn't find a spot to offer a house to a fairy in need of a little TLC?
I continued to "shop" around and I found these "pot heads". I just fell in love with these. I think they would be guaranteed to inspire a smile whenever you come across them "chillin' out" in a shady flowerbed.I really need to quit shopping and go get some work done, but this is much more fun and as much as I love having fun, heaven help me there's work to be done.

Have a fun day!