Saturday, February 20, 2010

"Wastin' Daylight"

Spring is only 1 month away!

I cannot believe how fast 2010 is already moving. It seems like Christmas was last week and I am just beginning to catch up. It is almost the end of February though and Spring will be here in record time. Spring at the beach is usually very early and most welcome. I am not a winter person and it feels as though I have spent months in the house. In reality, I have spent far too many days indoors. Today however was different. The minute my feet hit the floor this morning, my brain told me I was "wastin daylight!"
It is gorgeous outside, Sunny and in the mid 50's, I determined I had to be outdoors. I wanted to check on the greenhouse and make sure all the plants were ok. It appears that their quiet pleas for attention have ascended to desperate shouts for help. I gave them all a drink of water and turned the heat off as our days and evenings are now mostly in the 40's. I think like me, the plants needed to get outside a little bit too but there are too many for me to attempt that today.. A quick stroll through the rest of the yard gave even more assurance of spring's much anticipated arrival. The daylily seedlings I grew last year are beginning to emerge from their slumber, and you can tell that the buds are swelling on the early spring "bloomers". The Iris seedlings are beginning to emerge as well and now all the fun I have had planting those 100's of seeds is about to become sheer panic as I struggle for places to plant them . You know " right plant/right place?"
As well as seeing what was making it's debut, I got a chance to see what is blooming. Being in a mild climate, I try to have something blooming all the time. Even in December and January, there is something blooming somewhere in my yard. Today is no exception. I have several camellias blooming that winter days just wouldn't be complete without.This is one of my favorites. Her name is Jean Clere and although this picture doesn't so as much of the detail as I would like, it has a small white edge around the petals. It is just beautiful. Oh, if only camellias were fragrant like roses!

This Camellia is so pretty, this photo doesn't show it off as well as I would like, but each of these double formal shaped blossoms has tiny carmine colored stripes and just a tinge of pink around the outside edges of the flower. This camellia is called Grace Albritton. The winter days inside haven't been a total waste, I have taken up a new hobby, making jewelry and I have really enjoyed it. I have made a few little projects and will post those later. Right now though I have about 2 more hours of "daylight" and 3 tons of sticks to be picked up from the front yard alone. The "TO DO" list is about to begin.

I will be listing some daylily seeds as well as seedlings on Ebay later today ( I have other seeds available too)and hopefully, I will put a few pieces of jewelry in my etsy shop. On Ebay, my seller name is Sandypetals and my etsy shop is

Hope to see you there.