Saturday, March 13, 2010

I finally got a "Roun'toit"...

Do you remember being on vacation and stopping in one of the normal touristy type stores and seeing a "rountoit"? Basically It was just a circle of wood with the words " round to it" painted on it. It was simply a reminder to stop procrastinating and get around to doing whatever your project may be. Well, someone must have wished me one because I finally got "around" to photographing some of the jewelry pieces I have been making and decided to share. I am still learning a lot about metals and design, but so far I have only made a few things I didn't like and needless to say, you won't see those. I truly thought I had made more, but tonight as I was photographing my pieces, I realized I must have dreamed it because I didn't have as many as I thought.
Anyway, I have learned some forging, some wire weaving, some beading and some wire wrapping. These two peices are my attempts at forging.

This pair combines hemimorphite stones with some tiny seed pearls. They are surprisingly comfortable too. I love the aqua color of the stones mixed with the copper.

This bracelet I forged from brass wire. I was using it to practice with and I think I like using it as well as copper. The brass is a little stiffer and just seems to hold it's shape better than the soft copper.

The next 2 pieces are green onyx that I made a woven Bezel for. I was really happy with it, because I haven't ever woven a bezel before now.

I love these open circles with the weaving between the frames too.

These are pebbles I picked up off of the beach. I love rocks and I have loved picking up these little pebbles for as long as I can remember. I have wrapped them as pendants, which is strange because I don't wear any necklaces but I think they are just too big for earrings.

Wire filigree caught my eye and I had to just try it. This is my attempt. I believe next time I will use a smaller guage for the filigree than I used for the frames.

Freshwater pearls are hard to beat. I wrapped these coin pearls to a hand forged teardrop frame and put some 1/2 ear wires on them. They are incredibly comfortable and fun to wear.

I will post more later on, I am just getting started and I am trying out some new designs too. I have so much to learn, but right now my hands are sore and I need a little break.
Maybe next I will design something with crystals or faceted gemstones.