Monday, December 13, 2010

Are you a Planner, or a Doer?

I couldn't resist this title. It stems from a question I asked myself after a long fun conversation with my sister. She suggested that I get a sketch book and some colored pens and design my jewelry ( and doodles and etc) and keep the designs in a book. My problem is that I don't really plan out ahead of time what I am going to create. For years I designed (home) landscapes and flower beds (on golf courses Like this one at LCC)

and even then I never drew out designs or plans. I always kind of joked that I liked to design on the "fly". (I once even designed her flower boxes ( disclosure-this flower box isn't hers, but I couldn't find my pictures of her boxes)
while she worked all the while never putting pen to paper) . I like to see what I have available and use that to create whatever I am working on. I never know when I sit down to make something, what I am going to actually do. It seems like even when I have a picture or pattern in mind, what I make never looks like what I thought I was going to make.  So I guess my question is:

Do you plan out what you are going to do, or do you let the wire and beads, or paint and brushes, or even flowers and shrubs decide what the end product will be?

If like me, you don't plan anything, do you find it frustrating trying to follow a pattern?
I appreciate all of your answers to last week's question about preferences, and I hope you don't mind more questions... ( I promise this is not a quiz). I just really want to know are there others like me who don't plan, or should I start trying to be a little more methodical.