Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Been doodling when I should be working!

I can't stand the cold weather and this past week's cold storm and actual snow at the beach has made me lazier than ever. I don't want to work, or cook or do anything I normally do, but boredom and I are not a good combination.
I have recently found zentangling and zendoodling and have become crazy about it. I never thought I could draw anything, but these little pieces don't have to look realistic and you just incorporate any "mistake" you make into the design, so it is right up my alley.

Laura, over at "I am the Diva" posted a weekly challenge, so last night even though I was a couple of days late, I got my pens and paper ready and attempted the challenge. I haven't ever responded to a doodle challenge, so you can't, laugh. PROMISE ? Ok, here they are, I made 2.....

If you haven't tried zentangline check this site out. you will love it. This is also a great place to find patterns.

Enjoy, Hope you don't get hooked on doodling like I did.