Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Silence Is Golden......

And this one has gone on far too long. 

The garden has been loved in some areas and totally neglected in others.
 We had a part of a big oak tree fall and land on 3 of my biggest prettiest Camellia Sasanquas and now my big experiment will be to try to save the shrubs and  propagate  what I can from them out of season.

These are from top to bottom, Camellia Sasanqua :"Taylors Pink Perfection", Apple Blossom, and Sparkling Burgundy. All 3 have been in this spot for at least 15 years so it is very traumatic to see them in this state of damage.

Are you ready for a good experiment? 

Camellias are normally rooted during the summer months when the new growth has hardened a little.
Cuttings taken in late June are usually tough enough so taking cuttings now means they are still very soft.
I plan to use several different methods,  and I will document them here. 
Check back later this week for the methods.

The Jewelry Studio has been totally neglected, but I hope to get back to work there soon too.  I have missed doing the Diva's zentangle challenges every monday. It;s funny how your routine just changes suddenly. Does that ever happen to you?