Thursday, May 7, 2009

Praying for Rain

I think in reality the weathermen mean well. They really do, but somehow they aren't making good on their promises. The past 2 weeks we have been promised rain and thunderstorms daily and yet we have not seed a drop of the wet stuff until tonight. It actually rained for about 30 minutes. No thunder or lightning just desperately needed rain.

I have to say I have taken advantage of the days without rain and planted new flower beds in the front yard. I have put in beds of iris, daylilies, brugmansia, hibiscus, hostas and a few new guinea impatiens just for color spots.
Today, I saw my first daylily bloom of the season and I was gone most of the day so I didn't get to photograph it. I sure hope another bud will be open tomorrow.

I have ignored the guilt of not having my "chores" done so that I could plant, but I am at the point that things really shouldn't be put off any longer. When you start dreaming about the housework you need to do it is time to let the garden wait and get caught up inside. I can always find an excuse to get my hands dirty though and so I will use it as a reward for getting my chores done first tomorrow.
I have heard that God created rainy days so that gardeners can get their housework done, well, maybe I should pray for rain.

Blooming this week are:Deep purple Iris, Chocolate Vine ( Akebia Quinata), Snowball Viburnum, and Clematis Nellie Moser, Bottlebrush and coreopsis grandiflora.

Isiah 35:1 The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.