Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I just love a good challenge!

I just love challenges. I for some unknown reason like to test myself just to see if i can do something. You know, Sudoku  puzzles, crosswords, word tangles, "can you see this" images, anything that makes my little brain stretch a little. Lately I even seem to enjoy those silly little quizzes that psychologists use to determine your personality and etc...... Is anyone else like that, or am I just weird?
Anyway, I have been doing Laura's challenge each week and today as I was uploading some zentangles to my flikr photostream I found another challenge I have yet to check out.
This week's challenge at I am the diva CZT was breathe, relax and smile. Not easy to do while trying to doodle. True to form though I could not stop with 1 doodle. So here are the best 2 from this week.

Now I am off to check out the new challenge at Life imitates doodles  If you haven't checked into zentangling, you're missing out.