Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Motivation

Ok there are less than 60 days until Christmas, but then who's counting?

What? less than 2 months? Just think if you are paid bi-weekly, there are only 3 pay checks left between now and then. ( That is a scary thought). Anyway it is incredibly motivating for me. I have to get busy.  My sister and I have decided that handmade is the way to go for us this year. She is wonderfully creative and loves to make all kinds of things, and I love to make things, so this year we have agreed to go handmade. The girls in the family of course will get jewelry, but what about the guys and the children?
Well, "almost" all of the guys in the family are now able to drive, so I am thinking maybe a key chain like this

would make a great stocking stuffer and hand made book markers like these would be an ideal gift for the avid readers in the bunch.
The children though are a very different story. We have 5 little ones ( under 10) on the Christmas list this year. What do you make for little ones from 1-8 years old? Any ideas? Are you motivated yet?


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