Friday, November 5, 2010

I'm your fan Friday...

It is Friday again  and it seems like the weeks just go faster and faster. For the first time in my life I am really able to relate to " Stop the world... It's spinning too fast".  In my blog travels this week, I have really enjoyed these little hats from Girl in Air. I can just  see a bunch of little children wearing these hats and having tons of fun. I had thought I would make one for 1 of my nephews, but I was just told that he doesn't like hats and they even had to bribe him to wear his halloween costume. Girl in air, I am your fan!
I love this tip about growing onions indoors too. My sister told me about starting them in a dish of water, but mine just rotted. I like this idea. ( maybe it is just getting to keep a little pot full of dirt in the house all winter. LOL) My Byrd house, I am your fan too
This post about growing an indoor herb garden is right up my alley too. I really need more light in my kitchen, but I am sure if I try I can find a stray clamp light. This post talks about basil, thyme and sage, but I would have to add oregano to my list too. If you have a sunny ( or bright) spot in your home check this post at re-nest.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, I am hoping to get into the studio and work out a few designs.


Samantha G said...

Hello from your newest follower :)

Aww, those hats are SO cute! So nostalgic... and I love the idea of a group of kids together at a playground all wearing them together. How fun! Would be a great idea for a winter birthday party favor. If it was just a small party of course.... :)

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