Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Have You Seen....

One of my favorite artists of all time has opened a new Etsy shop called Shenanagans. And she sent me some of the beads she has been making so that I can make some things too. Campbell Jane paints the most wonderful Angels and mermaids, and now she is doing all kinds of things crochet, bead making, who knows what else she may be doing. I've made some earrings with the beads she sent me, and I still have enough to make several more things. I love them. The colors she used are awesome.

I accented the beads with little blue agate faceted rounds and a forged spiral swirl. They are lightweight and comfortable and have just the right combination of colors. It was so sweet of her to send me beads that she made.
 I also made this pair of earrings. The colors don't show up as well in this photo, but it is only because I need a new camera phone. LOL Campbell Jane, keep making those beads! I can probably keep you in business for a little while.


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