Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hoppin' Hibiscus! it's Anne Arundel or not...

Check this out!

This gorgeous little hardy hibiscus (hibiscus moscheutos) turned out to be something completely different than expected. It is ok with me because I think it is gorgeous, but after looking at tons of images through google and  I have kind of identified it as  ( hibiscus moscheutos) Moi Grande of course without a definite id, I can't list it as anything except a hardy hibiscus. I love it though. I am planning to take cuttings and root some more of these before it freezes.  In fact, as soon as they finish blooming, I think I will cut back all of my hardy hibiscus plants and "spread the love" around different places in the yard.  I am running out of dirt and in some cases sunny spots, but I just can't help myself. ( I even harvested seeds from a hotel where I stayed a couple of weeks ago. I know they are hardy hibiscus, but don't have a clue what color.)
Speaking of cutting and rooting, now is the time. You can take cuttings from softwood and semi-hardwood plants now and root them for next spring. I have a long list that I would like to start, but I laugh at myself when I think ok, "Where will you put them.?" If you happen to be interested in cuttings or seeds, please check out my shops at Etsy, eCrater and eBay. You can find me on all 3 listing as Sandypetals. If you have something you would like to trade for a hibiscus, drop a comment for me and I will email you.
Oh by the way, this is a picture of the Anne Arundel hibiscus I knew I had planted ... Somewhere.


Coralie Nellhard said...

Your flower pictures are so beautiful and I love your discriptions! I no longer have a garden as we have moved to an apartment last summer, but I like to read about all the plants.
Keep up the good work!

sandy petals said...

Coralie, If you like these, they will grow in containers.

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