Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wannabe Gypsy's Road Trip

I was meant to travel. I love to take road trips, to anywhere, almost anytime. I don't even mind flying ( if I have to) to get somewhere. This past weekend, we read an article about a little wooden bridge that is about to succumb to progress and it really kind of saddened me. I am not one who lives in the past, but there are things that I hate to see replaced and soon forgotten in the name of progress. This little bridge is one of those. It connects the mainland of Sunset Beach, NC over to the island itself. It has been there for as long as I can remember, opening to let boats motor down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway and closing again to allow sunbathers, beachcombers and surfers free access to one of the greatest gifts from God, the beach!
This little bridge has been through many hurricanes in it's lifetime and that in itself is amazing considering that it feels when you are driving across the wooden planks you feel as if you are just barely above water level.
While we were there, we walked through the sand dunes

to see the ocean and stayed just long enough to inhale all of the salt air we could before moving on to ride in the air conditioned car to look at all of the beach houses and their beachside garden plantings. I love to see which plants actually grow in the most inhospitable of situations and then wonder why I have to "baby" mine so much.
Blooming and thriving in the heat in the sand were, oleander, crape myrtle, lantana, gaillardia, palm trees and lots of others. I will show and tell you more about them soon. Until then though.. here are a few pics to whet your appetite.


I think I will redesign my yard again and this time I will plant what I see growing right on the beach, then I know they will be survivors in my garden.


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