Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday's tightwad tip

I love tightwad tips! Do you like them too? Today's tip is not only money saving, but it works better than any of the more expensive things I have tried. It is Vinegar.

No, don't worry, I am not about to tell you there are a gazillion uses for it around the house, ( even though there are), but this tip saves me so much time in the kitchen it is unbelievable.
Do you ever have pots that need extra help getting the stuck on residues clean? What about that casserole dish that has all the yummy leftover crusties stuck to the sides?
Here's the tip!...
Pour vinegar into the dish and let it sit usually just until you have finished cleaning all of the other dishes. Normally this is plenty of time and you will be amazed how easy it is clean up the really tough ones. I shared it with my Mom and I think she called everyone she knew to share the tip.

Another of my all time favorites is this: I love to eat out, but I am a CHEAPSKATE! so I hate to pay a lot for a meal that I know I can prepare at home for a tiny fraction of the price. Yes, I know there are times that you just want to go out, but for those times when you just want the "goodies" make them at home. I have tons of recipes for the things that we like to eat at our favorite places. There are many sites on the internet that have restaurant recipes or clones. It is really easy to find. A few of my favorites are recipe goldmine
recipezaar and copykat.
Today, I made a combination of "Ruby Tuesday's" "Cheddar Fries" and KFC's honey bbq Boneless wings.

I left the BBQ sauce off of some of the pieces and we had some extra crispy boneless wings /chicken nuggets like those we sometimes get at Zaxby's. It was so good and much less expensive than the $40-50 bucks we would have spent for the 3 of us to eat out.
The boneless wings today were really good. I was out of eggs so rather than using eggs and milk to help make the crust, I substituted mayonnaise. You would be amazed how tender the inside was and how crispy the outside was too. The whole meal cost less than $15.00 and fed 3 of us all we cared to eat. Did I mention I love to be a tightwad? If you want the recipes I used today, just leave me a comment or email me and I will gladly share.


Campbell Jane said...

Looks good! :P yum. I'm going to try that vinegar trick! Thanks for sharing.

imelda said...

ty for the tip sandy

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