Friday, July 23, 2010

Finally! Photos are looking better

I have had quite a hard time lately getting my photos just right. It seems they were blurry, or badly lit and it didn't matter how I tried, I couldn't make them look any better. I Finally got frustrated the other day and took them outside. The right light makes all the difference in the world.
These pictures are a few of the things I have been talking about and working on. Hope you like them.

I will be listing all of these in my Etsy Shop over the next few days.
Have a great Weekend.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Those "flower" earrings (next to last photo) are quite original and intriguing!

Campbell Jane said...

Great shots! There's a little award for you on my blog :)

Anna said...

You're getting there! Lovely pieces! Nice shots!
Reminds me that I should be listing more jewellery too!

Nico Designs said...

Nice shots.
There are days I wish I could hire a photographer and a model. Trying to chase and bribe my toddlers to hold still so Momma can take a photo for work just does not cut it:)

Theresa said...

100 times better!! Now you are really showing off your lovely jewelry. Keep it up.

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