Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's your Favorite?

Is there one special recipe you remember from your childhood? One that maybe you grew up enjoying and learned to cook for yourself later? I have way more than 1. I was so blessed, My Mom and Grandma and older Sister are all great cooks and I have learned from them.
Tonight, we were looking for something to munch on and this came to mind. My Mom has made these for us for as long as I can remember and sometimes still does. I make them and my sister makes them too.
We always just called them "Boiled Cookies". Those of you who eat solely with your eyes, feel free to look away now. They "ain't" pretty!

But they are so so good. Sometimes Mom would make them for breakfast. Mom said she knew if she made those we would eat something ( never mind the sugar rush). Many days we would slip out without eating so if Mom made these cookies, we all ate.
Shortly after I was married, I told my husband I was going to make "boiled Cookies" and he never said no but he did everything humanly possible to keep me from making them. Finally I made them before he got home from work and he loved them too. LOL, He had no idea they were really chocolate oatmeal cookies.
Anyway, we made some tonight and I just had to tell you about them. If you were here, I would share, but since you aren't, Would you like the recipe? If you will leave me a comment, I will send you my recipe, but I want to know what your favorite childhood food dish was.



Terri said...
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Tracy said...

My mom used to make these same cookies. I've made them a few times but the timing is a bit tricky (they can turn out too hard and then dry, or too "undercooked" and then not solid enough) but when they're "just right" they're delicious.

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