Saturday, June 19, 2010

What happened to the rest of the week?

This is one of those weeks that just flew. The kind of week where you wake up one morning and realize it is Saturday, and somehow you are sure that when you went to sleep yesterday it was Wednesday.I have been very busy this week... I have gardened,

crossed daylily seeds,

made jewelry,

learned to make a chain maille cross,

cooked and played chauffeur. It has been a terrific week. It just went so by fast.
If the rest of the summer goes by as fast as this week, we'll be heading back to school in about 3 hours. I am definitely not ready for that.

My camera is acting up and I am having problems lighting it up and keeping it focussed. It is one with image stabilization and even though I had put it on a tripod to take these pictures, I bracketed exposures and used time delay so that I wouldn't jostle the camera in any way, it still wasn't sharp and clear. I hate to think about replacing it, but I sure need one that works better than this one lately.

Tomorrow, I am planning to cook Father's Day Dinner for both my Hubby and my Dad. They both love the same thing and so I make it for all their birthday's and special days too. It will be a mexican cornbread ( with meat and cheese and peppers) and I will probably add some sliced tomatos, nachos and a chocolate cake. Sounds Yummy doesn't it? I will let you know how it all turns out.
Have a Great Father's Day!


Campbell Jane said...

Beautiful! Daylillies & your jewelry! Your dinner sounds yummy too.

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