Thursday, November 17, 2016

Negative Nancy and the Thief of Enthusiasm

Do you have a Negative Nancy in your life? ( Sorry to some of the very positive Nancy's out there).
At some point I believe everyone does. There always seems to be that 1 person who thrives on squelching someone's joy.
I am dealing with a Negative Nan now as is my favorite artist Campbell Jane. This Nancy is consistently dropping hints that my ideas aren't good enough, or my work isn't good enough, or I shouldn't even bother with my plan, because nobody is going to be interested anyway or it's just going to be too hard. It gets frustrating and disheartening to say the least, but the discouragement is hardest to take.
Maybe Nancy is jealous, maybe she is afraid that I will steal the spotlight from her for a little while, or maybe is just that she is determined not to wish success for anyone but herself. Maybe she doesn't even realize she is doing this.
 Either way I have decided that it must stop. I will not let her negativity hold me back for another minute.
This first and most important step I can take to stop it is to realize that I don't need to tell her all of my ideas, ( hairbrained or otherwise) I am in control of what she knows.

Thank goodness I am old enough that I don't need anyone's approval or permission, hers included.
Second step is to view her negativity as a challenge. ( Oh Yeah, watch me!). I do love a good challenge.
The third step is to realize that I can't change her attitude and I still love her. She is a very special friend.I will just have to pray that she sees things in a more positive light.
I will admit that not all of my ideas are Genius, but how will I ever know if they aren't given a chance because I let someone else shoot them down before they are ever tried.

Now at the risk of talking to much and driving you away, I will simply say, "nuff said".


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