Monday, November 14, 2016

A little Bouquet Experiment

Last week I was blessed to receive some flowers from a florist delivered to my door. You can imagine my surprise, because I work as a florist and I am not really on the receiving end of floral arrangements very often. This was a beautiful little arrangement made up of Peruvian Lily, Purple Statice, and Butterscotch daisy mums . It was collared with variegated pittosporum and variegated leatherleaf fern. It was just such a treat to receive such a gift.

During the week, I changed the water about every other day and today, when I went to change the water, I noticed something in the little bouquet was putting out little water roots. Oh yeah, I started doing the happy dance. I don't know why I get so happy when something roots, but you know me, I was overjoyed. 
I decided to experiment. I know that since some things had begun rooting, the others, if they will root at all will not be far behind. I couldn't help myself. I planted my bouquet in a pot. Yes, you heard right. I have never done anything like this before, but  held the bouquet together and just planted the whole thing. Then I inverted a bottle of water to keep the soil evenly moist and put the whole thing on a shady table. I cannot wait to see what happens. This is what it looks like today
It makes a pretty little pot full of flowers too. I will keep updating this post as things root. I know the pittosporum will probably root, but I am not sure about anything else. Wish me luck.


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