Saturday, October 23, 2010

October Surprise

This morning was probably the coolest morning we have had, but I had the most wonderful surprise. This iris is called City Lights and although I knew it was a re-bloomer, I had no idea it would bloom again this late in the year. After the busy couple of weeks I have had, this was just kind of a little gift for me when I walked out today. What's blooming in your garden?


FunkyFolky said...

Isn't it SO nice to have a garden surprise? This morning, I woke to a bunch of pansy blooms (the bunnies had eaten all my old blooms!)

Your garden is so pretty :)


Beadsme said...

Beautiful Iris. I just love the graduating colour.

Lauren said...

My fave flower is the Iris! No matter what color...they are all beautiful!! I live Ca. so we have lots of flowers in full bloom right now...I'm a lucky girl, married to a green thumb guy!

Anonymous said...

A Beautiful Iris. I think flowers blom and look wonderful when they feel happy or pleased. Could it be that their "souls" follow our moods or appreciate something we do or say?

A Thank you?

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about a late bloomer! The only thing I still have going is a few stubborn roses. They will be covered with snow soon :)

Jean said...

OH...I want one of those!!!

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