Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday's Motivation

OK, it is Monday, I have taken off almost 2 full weeks, having a blast, going on road trips, meeting family etc, but now, it is time to get some new projects going. The weather has turned cooler and there is nothing in the world like October at the beach, ( unless maybe it is April at the beach). I have been picking up shells,

rescuing star fish,

watching pelicans and sandpipers dive and play.
I have even used my entire memory card to make a video of the beach for my sister only to discover that I have no clue how to compress a file, and the video was too large to send via email and or you tube!
I am trying to get started making a few things for the  Christmas Season, and I need to get much busier. Hopefully the rest of this week it will rain and I can get creative.


Bill said...

Sweet photographs, makes me wish I was nearer to the ocean or at least visited it more often. Spent lots of time on the Atlantic as a young lad before I got lost in the forest. Very nice post. Thanks.

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