Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday's shopping spree Aka Have you thought about Christmas yet?

Have you thought about Christmas yet? Do you wait until the last minute to shop, hit the stores on the day after Thanksgiving before the sun rises, or do you plan ahead, making lists and determining that this year, most of it will be hand made or at least purchased and mailed by Thanksgiving,  I fall somewhere in the midst of all those categories. I've been thinking about it lately though and because I hate to shop in a crowd and I really would like to make the majority of the gifts I give and yes, I would love to have everything done before Thanksgiving so that I can be free to enjoy as many of the season's festivities as humanly possible. After all, it only happens once a year right?
Brace yourself: Here it comes: Christmas will be here in.....133 days!
Let's Go shopping....

new baby in the family? check out this adorable Sock Monkey Cocoon and Hat by nmelone13 on ETSY, or how about the little ones who love stuffed animals? Check these out....Gordon.
For the avid reader on your list, you can always offer bookmarks like this one  by my favorite folk artist Campbell Jane.

Jewelry is always a plus, and I love this bracelet by sparkle peach with it's simple elegance.
 I've been working on some earrings and bracelets of my own too,

but I have yet to list them.   I have no idea what to do for the guys on my list, but I really need ideas.

So where do you stand? Have you started, do you not want to think about it? Have you thought about it but don't want to deal with it just yet? Once again I seem to fall in the middle of all my categories.


zezebel said...

That are some nice design sandy. i love to see that blue stone design. What inspire you to make this design?

sandy petals said...

Zezebel, if you are talking about the blue sponge coral, it was inspired by sunsets over the river and the blueberry quartz just kind of appeared in my brain when I looked at those beads. LOL

randomcreative said...

I've started thinking about ideas for a few people, especially handmade presents. I thinking about sending Christmas cards all year round, too. :) I haven't done any shopping or creating yet, though!

Christina of I Art Flirt ( said...

Hi Sandy,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and checking out my "Nature As Art"! This would be a great one for you to participate in! Leave us a link to one of your fav flower photos and we can feature you on the blog! Would love to!

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