Monday, August 9, 2010

Meandering through Blogs on Monday

This has been one of those weeks that I think my mind went on vacation and left my body behind. Does that ever happen to you? Nothing specifically wrong, I just seem to have been in a fog this week. I have to do something to clear my head, so I decided I would meander around some blogs that I enjoy and see what I can find. Want to see what I have found too?
I am not usually a fan of bottle cap jewelry, but Adaptive Reuse has used them to make a bracelet that may have just changed my mind. Then these Roses
that Emily made are stunning. I cannot begin to fathom the patience she must have to get all that weaving so pretty.
At Campbell Jane's blog "Sometimes things ARE just black and white", She has an awesome collection called Carpe-deim. I really like the doodles and that black dress is really something.
Today I spent working on this and that, but not actually completing anything just yet. Although I did wrap a bright white sun-bleached beach pebble with sterling silver wire and as soon as I finish wrapping the bail, I will show it to you. I think it has turned out very nicely.
Have you seen what Trudie Davies Designs has for her August give away? They are gorgeous sterling and gemstone rings. I couldn't choose a favorite, but ok if I had to choose just 1 it might be the topaz, or maybe the garnet, but then again..............Oh, I just can't choose!


trudie said...

Oh how funny Sandy Petals, I also would not be able to choose from three beautiful gemstones?? Thanks Trudie

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