Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today's Surprises

I awoke this morning to the sounds of a wonderful thunderstorm, broken only by the whines and howls of a terrified Dachshund and a quivering mutt. I love the rain and the storms it's a shame the dogs don't share my passion for it though. If I can see it rain on the beach it is even better. After the rain though is the best time of all. The sun has returned, you may see a rainbow and everything looks so green and clean. I am certainly a sucker for it. Anyway after the rain today I found a surprise in the garden. A pretty little Zebrina Hollyhock
blooming it's heart out. There were 2 day lilies blooming today as well, but I didn't get pictures taken of those. One was a pretty little lily called "Red Rum" and the other a Stella D' Oro.
A rainbow is also a wonderful surprise anytime you see it. They are just so beautiful.

I hope your Monday was a surprise packed as My Monday has been.


Angela said...

Your photographs are beautiful. I especially love the rainbow! You have a very nice blog. I enjoyed my visit:)

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