Monday, May 31, 2010

How Do you Doodle?

Lately I have been looking for and reading about ways to spark my creativity. I stumbled on Zendoodling this past week and I have had such fun. I read about drawing with my nondominant hand, which was kind of a joke because well let's face it, that hand really only holds my wedding band and keeps me from being lopsided. I decided though that I would try it. Just to see what came out.
So I closed my eyes, and using my nondominant hand I drew with a pencil until I counted to about 15 or 20. Then I opened my eyes and began filling it in with my other hand and I was amazed to see the patterns that were developing.

I guess the amazing part is that I have never really drawn or sketched and before I started seeing these patterns developing, I couldn't make a stick figure look "normal". The best part is that I am seeing lines and colors in a different way and now I can see new designs for some jewelry pieces.

Next time you feel as if you need to jumpstart your creativity, check into doodling. It is almost like meditating and you don't really have to focus or concentrate on the doodle, you can concentrate on other things and then just be surprised at what you drew ( almost subconsiously) while your mind was elsewhere.
I think you will enjoy it too. You can doodle anytime and anywhere, all you need is a pencil or pen and blank paper. Try it and let me know how it works for you.


Susanna Originals said...

That is so cool and a new thing to try! Thanks for the Sunday lesson.

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