Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thursday's Thoughts: I will Survive Said the little Succulent

I love Succulent plants. Maybe it is the fact that they don't seem to want or need to be pampered, or maybe it is the vast array of shapes and colors of foliage, but there is something about these plants that keeps me mesmerized. I will confess to having trouble keeping them alive over the winter, but perhaps I lose them because I expect them to be more independent than they are ready for during the cooler months. I have managed to keep them alive for a little while, but somehow they always succumb. That being said, hardy succulents are a lazy gardeners best friend.
They lend themselves to almost any kind of container
 you can find and the best part is, if they are hardy and planted outside, then all you have to do is look at them when they bloom and enjoy the brightly colored foliage when they are resting. What could possibly be better.... Okay, maybe a new one.

 I cannot wait to try some new designs in my garden this year.

They are even beautiful when you are propagating them, which as you know is 1 of my favorite things to do. If you are pushed for time this spring, or just want to garden the easy way, or just hate being outdoors in the mosquitos territory , try some succulents. You will really be amazed at the vast array of different colors and textures you will find.

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