Thursday, March 10, 2011

Something in Blue

I haven't posted in the past 4 challenges from Laura but I missed doing them so much I knew I had to get in on this one. My computer crashed earlier this week and took with it all of my pictures and such and although I have been able to re-format the hard drive, now I am restoring it from my online back up system. It may take a while longer to get back to normal but in the meantime, I will try to keep all of the promises I have made ( ie. SamanthaG, seed starting, J & JB camellia propagation etc.) and the blue earrings along with the sterling and copper rose bracelet I have been promising to show you.
This week's challenge  is to create something in blue. I sat down and closed my eyes to draw my string and when I opened them I saw this.... or at least the beginnings of this.....

The blue colors don't show up as much in this scan as they do in the actual card. Laura's Mom is having a birthday this week and since her favorite color is blue, I think I will call it the blue chicken (bird) of happiness. Happy Birthday Laura's Mom. 
Who can quit with just 1 tangle though? I had to keep making them here are a couple of others I did last night. 

It felt really good to be creative again. It seemed like months since I have made or drawn anything. As you can tell I seem to have garden paths and flowers on my mind. It must be time to start the seeds!
Thank you to all of my followers and for all the comments! You are the best.