Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Aww, they're just a couple of boys"

Have you ever noticed how your pets seem to act like  children? I was hit with this little bit of personality today when I picked up my camera. I was headed outside to take photos of some camellia blossoms, but when my dog Spud saw me with the camera, he immediately got excited and put on quite a show. His older brother Titus didn't get so excited, but they must have telepathically communicated to each other," hey stick your tongue out when she clicks.".. I'll show you what I mean.........

Spud ( the instigator)

Titus ( The I will if you will... follower)

These two shots actually remind me of some boys I know. They're good boys, they just ham it up for the camera.


Sandra said...

Very cute! We have 2 dogs too, and both black.

Della said...

This is great! My dogs act like kids all the time. They communicate very well that they want a cookie (milk bone)!

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