Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm your fan Friday!

Yahoo! it is finally Friday! It seems like it has been a long week and I am not really sure why. It wasn't overly packed with things to do, or as chaotic as some weeks have been lately, it just seems like it has been a "toughy. "

I'd like to start out by saying Thank You so much! to all of my followers and to those who have featured me on their websites. I really appreciate all of your comments and the encouragement you have given me. 

As the Crackerhead Crumbles featured one of my photos on their website in a sites to see post. I appreciate that so much! This particular photo is one of my favorites ( yes, you know I can't choose just 1) showcasing a big beautiful Monarch butterfly on some raspberry colored bee balm. It really was so nice to see that in my inbox this morning! 
I haven't kept up with my I'm your fan Friday postings in a couple of weeks, so today I decided, it is definitely time to introduce you to some of the things I like ( and think you might like too).

Check out what's new at Beautifully Broken Me  I really like the color pallete for this challenge and I really like Molly's necklace.
At confessions of a junque Junkie I found this spectacular use of old family photos. I've been knee deep in a genealogy project lately and being fascinated by photography I was just totally amazed by this bracelet. 
Brenda and Molly I love your work and this Friday, I'm your fan!


Molly Alexander said...

Wow - thanks so much for the shout out! I really had fun with this month's challenge palette, and am very happy with how this piece turned out. If you or your readers are interested in participating in the December challenge, head on over to Love My Art Jewelry ( for all the details!

:) Molly

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