Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Squirrels gone wild!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you have to deal with Squirrels? I love the little critters even though they can be quite the pest. They love to sit in my flower boxes and dig up bulbs and seedlings only to take 1 bite, check the window to see if I am watching and then throw what ever it happened to be away.
They used to know instinctively when I was about to harvest the tomatoes too, because for years, they would snatch the prettiest fruit just ahead of me. I love to watch them play in the trees and I have even taken care of a baby that my cat Orchid brought to me.

It was an infant and I have no idea where/how she got it, but it was hairless and she brought it to me laid it at my feet and waited for me to take care of it.
Today, there seemed to be a multitude of the little acrobats playing in the oaks and busily planting acorns for me to pull out of my flower pots. This picture of the squirrel with the coffee, just reminded me of how fun it is to watch them chase each other and play all day as though they haven't a care in the world.
Then I realized that when I put my total trust in the promises of God, I have the ability to be as care free as those pesky little squirrels.


Coralie Nellhard said...

Nice post with a great message "don´t forget to play and have fun" I love squirrels too.

Hazel at Cat Things said...

I love to watch the sqirrels too even though they dig holes in my lawn. Such joyful little creatures.

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