Monday, September 27, 2010

If only computers had "Smell-O- Vision"...

If computers just had "smell-o-vision, I could share this wonderful fragrance with you. My queen of the night ( epiphyllum oxypetalum ) bloomed the other night with 2 blooms and was so fragrant, you could smell its jasmine like perfume wafting through the night air long before you could detect its source. Once you found its source, you found yourself mesmerized by the beauty of its flower, not wanting to look away. These cacti only bloom at night and only when rootbound. In their native habitat they grow in trees using the trees for support often climbing as tall as 20 feet. Here they are much smaller and even in my mild climate, they must be protected for the winters. The flowers only last for 1 night and they don't bloom until after dark, so I stayed up as late as I could to get a succession of pictures for you. I hope you like it.


Susanna Originals said...

Gorgeous! I would have stayed up all night to get a glimpse of that too! And yes, wish we could smell it.

Mary said...

the flower is beautiful, and i imagine the smell is wonderful.

reminds me that i miss my Gardenia bushes and their glorious fragrance.

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