Thursday, September 16, 2010

Have you Planned/planted your fall garden yet?

It is hard to believe that fall is just a week away. Have you planned your fall garden yet? Are you ahead of the game and have it already planted? I am still in the planning stages. Fall is the best time of the year for us to garden. Our spring is notoriously short and planting our perennials in the fall allows them to get established earlier than spring plantings therefore making them stronger when our spring only lasts about 15 minutes. ( ok, that is an exaggeration, it sometimes lasts for 25).

I am planting a lot of perennials that I had grown from seed earlier this year, and I am actually planning to set some seeds for fall crops like broccoli,

brussels sprouts
 and bok choi. I love to grow the rainbow swiss chard and Nero De Toscana Kale for the fall too.
For flowers to add color and fragrance, I am planning to start stocks, snapdragons, nasturtiums and maybe some ornamental cabbage. My plan is to plant all of these in the hibiscus/daylily bed

so that there will be color and life bordering my entryway. I am not organized enough to plan out a formal fall garden, I really just don't want to go through winter with everything leading up to my doors dormant and empty looking.

I will let you know how it goes, rest assured it won't be like this....

As beautiful as it is, that is much too organized for me.


FunkyFolky said...

Your garden pics are beautiful. Are those YOUR brussels sprouts? They are fabulous! I am going to attempt to grow them next year... I need to do my research!

Emm said...

I think manicured gardens in homes are strange anyway. I much prefer the crazy randomness of a garden that is obviously a labour of love and not an enterprise. I don't garden much anymore. I think we just moved too many times in too few years and I don't have the heart to start another garden that I would abandon.

Where do you live that your spring is so short? The strangest thing about England is that all of the seasons are evenly spaced, it seems. I had to get used to spring being cold still. In South Africa, it was icy cold one day and heat wave the next.

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