Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday's Motivation

It is no secret that I am really bad about procrastinating. That has to come to an end NOW! We had recently noticed what we thought was a small leak in the roof of our porch. We discovered over the weekend that it wasn't small at all and it has been leaking for some time. I will save you the gory pictorial detail and let it suffice to say, that we will very soon be replacing the roof over our entire addition. The motivation for me is that replacing it won't come cheap and I really, Really! don't want to go back to work. So I have decided that procrastination is a thing of the past for me. I will spend less time putting things off that I have meant to do and more time getting them done. ( "I'm gonna" cannot exist in my vocabulary any longer) I have even gotten off to a good start today.
I listed more items for sale on Ebay and I have also loaded some of my photographic art in my redbubble shop
Tomorrow I am planning to stock my Etsy with my newest jewelry designs and possibly some metal sculptures as well. I simply must get busy, or consider taking a real job. I believe I'd rather get busy.


Campbell Jane said...

You are motivating me too ;D
I'm rowing the same boat.
Tried your links to Ebay & Redbubble but they aren't going to your listings or shop.????
Peace & Love

Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

Sorry to hear about your roof. That stinks. I am also guilty of procrastination. Tomorrow is often the busiest day of my week. I'd really like to change that!

Campbell Jane said...

PS I love the frothy photo. That's what I feel like I'm in a froth! hahaha

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