Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Man it's Hot, Hot Hot

It has become so hot and humid in the past week or two that I promise it feels as though you could cook an egg on the sidewalk.

The only problem is that I have no sidewalks anywhere close by. Yesterday I braved the heat for a couple of hours and potted some seedlings and cuttings, today I didn't even go out after I made a mandatory trip to the corner grocery store. I wish I could say that I had done something productive or made some pretty piece of jewelry, but I cannot. In truth I think my brain feels much like that egg on the sidewalk.

I thought about things to make and do all day, but I just couldn't make myself do any of them. Do you have days like that? When you do have those days, do you just work through them or give in to them? I keep telling myself, not to give in, but "my self" hasn't been listening lately. I need some kind of routine. Do you schedule your time, or just let it flow when creativity shows up with another bright idea? I have never been a night owl, but lately, that is when I want to work on things. It is out of character for me in a big way. I think I should start working on a schedule, but not tonight. I believe I will just go bend some wire and add a few beads and think about it for a while.


Mary said...

It's been really hot here too! I really dislike the heat!!!! I am already wanting fall to arrive!!!

And yes, I do have days like that!!! Sometimes I make myself do one productive thing at least - sometimes that doesn't work!!!!!!! Tomorrow is a new day!! :)

Theresa said...

I think you just have to give in to those days. If you try not to, it will just frustrate you and then no creative juices will flow at all. I usually pick up a craft book as I can use the time for inspiration.

Campbell Jane said...

I have days like that, actually I've had weeks like that. When I force it I wreck it. My right brain just goes on vacation! :)

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