Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Suburned in a thunderstorm?

I am about to tell you a story that is absolutely true and incredibly unbelievable.
I have lived at the beach most of my life and yet I have never had this happen before. We, (my husband and I) went to the beach other day for about 2 hours. We walked, picked up shells, and marveled at the color of the water , the smell of the ocean, the feel of the salty air and the sky. The weather was cloudy and thundering and we had to dodge raindrops, but only for about 47 seconds.
The water was the prettiest green color. I love greens and this shade was like a cross between a beautiful emerald and bright spring green peridot. It was perfectly gorgeous. The sky looked like steel. All around us, there was a dark silvery blue almost the color of lead sky except for a small patch of bright light blue. At one point it looked as though the storm was circling us in. All around us,was steely gray, but we were standing in the only spot of light. It was really kind of eerie and yet comfortable at the same time. The thunder roared in the distance, but there was no lightning. The breeze was cool and the waves crashing on the shore were so relaxing.
The part of the story that is unbelievable is I got sunburned. LOL. I know that it is much easier to get burned when it is cloudy than when it is sunny, but man this burn was a surprise! It was actually storming. LOL Of all the things you would never expect, getting sunburned during a thunderstorm has to top the list.
Next time I get a burn, I would love it if it were sunny.