Thursday, April 16, 2009

Church signs....

I love to ride through the country on the back roads. I love the old towns and the new little places on the outskirts. I am always fascinated by the inspirational saying you sometimes find on the signs for these old churches.

One that I have never really forgotten is one that I saw somewhere in the mountains on a road I can't remember going on a trip just for the fun of it. You know the c'mon let's go for a ride kind of trip.

This particular sign caught my attention for two reasons.

1. Being a photographer the saying immediately caught my attention.

2. It is so true.

What was on the sign you ask?

"Worry is a dark room where negatives develop."

There is nothing positive about worrying, it can accomplish nothing, and everything happens for the best anyway.

When it comes to worry, don't waste your time.

Somehow anytime I start to worry now about anything, I just remember that sign.


medo said...

YAY its fixed!!! WOOO HOOO!!! i love the signs too!! we have one between our town and topeka, i always love to read it, i love to read any of them. the new one, God uses little "things" {cuz i can't remember the EXACT word} LOL for big purposes. i love those things!! always has some kinda meaning!! and that one is so true!! like the big picture!! :'} ~Medo

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